EnSURE Touch Monitoring System

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Product number: ETOUCH
Product information "EnSURE Touch Monitoring System"
EnSURE ™ Touch is an advanced, responsive hygiene monitoring system, that verify the sanitation of surfaces, liquids, and product testing in as little as ten seconds. The device features a 5-inch touch screen, wireless synchronisation technology and cloud-based software. EnSURE ™ Touch is designed for complex supply chain monitoring, multi-site risk management and workplaces that rely on fast and accurate hygiene testing.

Spend less time syncing and more time testing. EnSURE™ Touch comes out of the box Wi-Fi capable, allowing you to directly and securely sync your results with our cloud-based data analysis software without connecting via USB.

How it works
The hygiene monitoring system is based on ATP tests, which measure the amount of ATP on a surface or in liquids and determine the overall hygiene status. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is present in all living cells and is used for energy transfer. Therefore, the quantity of ATP is proportional to the contamination with microorganisms and organic material.

How to use
Wipe the surface with the test stick or take a liquid sample. Put it in the EnSURE ™ Touch. Now, the ATP contained in the test stick is stimulated by the substrate enzyme system luciferin/luciferase to release the stored energy as light. This (minimum) amount of light is measured in the luminometer and displayed in relative light units (RLU). The degree of contamination is shown in RLU.

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